At, our customers and their needs are of the utmost importance to us. We offer the freshest products which are great in quality yet available at affordable prices. While accepting products at the time of delivery, we always advise our customers to check the products to see if they (1) are fresh (2) are current (3) are sealed.

We, at have a strict process of Quality Check to ensure that we do not ship any product that is lower than the customer’s expectations. In case of an event where the quality falls short, we have a strict “no questions asked return and refund policy” wherein our customers can return their ordered products at the time of delivery if they are not, in any way, satisfied with the quality or the freshness of the product.

Items shipped from can be returned on the day of delivery of shipment. While we suggest the return of fresh or perishable products at the time of delivery itself, owing to the different policies or requirements that are associated with them.

In case the customer is not satisfied with the quality of our products, they can return those products to our delivery executive, who will then enter details of the same on our website to initiate the request for the return as well as a refund, if any. Also, if any of the product(s) received is defected at the time of delivery, the customer can return the product to our delivery executive.

In case of a return, our delivery executive will bring the returned product to us.
After we receive the product and check for the mentioned issues, we will issue a credit note to the customer. This credit is equal to the value of the product(s) that has been returned. This amount will be credited to the customer’s account wallet.

It can take up to anywhere between 1 to 4 hours for the refund to be processes and around 3 to 5 business days for the refund amount to show up in the customer’s account.

The credited amount, once updated in the account, is available for customers to use as a store credit in their next purchases. In case the customer has placed a prepaid order and paid for it using their debit or credit cards, we can credit the amount to their respective debit or credit card accounts.
If the order placed by the customer was a Cash on Delivery or post-paid order, they will be required to pay only the adjusted amount for the products they accepted.

For a return requested on a later date, all the products that are to be returned must be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt.
We value our customers and assure a hassle-free return, refund and replacement policy for them.

For any further assistance regarding this issue, customers can also contact our customer support which is available 24×7. They can also get in touch with us at and we will immediately look into the issue and replace the product.


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