Balwant Enterprises (Mtazza.com) is the largest online grocery shop providing green and leafy vegetables, farm fresh juicy fruits and the complete list of dairy products including sheep and goat milk for daily needs.

There are thousands of products spread across various categories including vegetables, fruits and dairy products. The buyers get a wide range of products to choose from.

Balwant Enterprises (Mtazza.com) is based on Jaipur and it provides delivery service in the Jaipur city and the adjoining areas.

Products Related

All products – vegetables, fruits and dairy products – are sourced from vendors but the online store keeps a quality check over the products.

The online store has a big storage facility where all the products are kept in optimal temperature. The products are delivered fresh in refrigerated delivery vehicles.


Visitors are asked to register to become buyers. There is an online registration form for buyers. The form contains basic information about the buyers. We want the visitors to go through our terms and conditions and privacy policies before signing up as buyers.

No. There is no registration fee for becoming a buyer.

Buyers register with their email addresses and phone numbers. A buyer can register using different emails and phone numbers.

Yes, you can add any delivery address that comes within our area of operation. We’ll be pleased to make deliveries wherever you want.

Account Related

My Account is your personal section where you can see your details including your mailing address. It will show your orders and deliveries. You will use My Account for dealing with our store.

Yes, you can. Once you are logged in, you are free to make necessary changes and update your account.

Payment Related

Buyers are provided multiple payment options to choose from.

a) Cash on deliver
b) Credit Card & Debit Card
c) Internet Banking
d) Mobile Apps

The price displayed with the products is the actual price to be paid by the buyers. But the GST will be applicable according to the government rules.

The website uses safe payment gateways to receive payments. The seal of safety on our site is a guarantee of safety.

Delivery Related

After the payment is received, you will get a notification regarding delivery. You can check the delivery status to stay updated.

The delivery area is divided into zones with each zone having its dedicated and efficient delivery staff.

The delivery charges are determined according to products. Information about the delivery charges is provided at the time of asking for payment. You can check how much do you need paying for delivery of your product.

Free delivery of milk and milk-based products
Free delivery of products ordered with milk
Free delivery on ordering products worth ₹400 and above
₹30 deliver charge for order of less than ₹400

Order Related

You will get ample time to have a relook over your order. Once an order is placed, it can’t be changed. For further information, you can call our customer care department.

Yes, you can. As a buyer, you are free to cancel an order but you will have to pay a fee to compensate the online store. It is so because the online store invests business time and labor in packing products.

Customer Related

Yes, the online store has dedicated customer care executives. You can contact customer care service through website. Also, there is a dedicated phone line to connect buyers with customer care executives.

The service lines remain open only for business hours. You can contact customer care during business hours.


Yes, we do. The buyers get offers when shopping around on the website. These are open offers for all.


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