About Us

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Balwant Enterprises (Mtazza.com) is one of the fastest growing online grocery and dairy store of India. It has a long list of grocery products that include farm fresh vegetables and juicy fruits. Also, it provides the complete list of dairy products including

  • Milk (Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat)
  • Paneer (Prepared with fresh milk)
  • Yogurt & Cream
  • Butter Ghee & Cheese
  • Drinks

The products are kept fresh because they are edible items and contain nutrients. We source the products from farmers that grow vegetables and fruits in their farms. For dairy products, we count on the dairies running in the rural and urban areas. Also, we have a strict policy for quality control so that we get quality products only.

Consumer service

We allow consumers to place their orders online on your site. We provide a multitude of payment options with safe payment gateways. Consumers love shopping for grocery and dairy products on our site. They get a wide range of choice and an assurance of quality.

Our brand

We are in the process of becoming a big brand but our objective is to promote local products and brands. We allow vendors to join our site and become part of a leading online grocery brand. We are big and growing because we believe in all-inclusive growth.

Why buy from us?

There is a reason and that is reliability. We are reliable because we are capable. We have products for your daily need and we can deliver those products at your doorstep in the promised time. What is more exciting is that we promise affordability. You choose a grocery or dairy product and we have it.

Balwant Enterprises (Mtazza.com) has become a household name in Jaipur city and the adjoining areas. People rely on us for kitchen items because they know that we are punctual in making deliveries.


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